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Membership details

Membership is valid for twelve months
The Trust offers a number of membership options designed to suit your particular requirements.

Full Member - 58.00

For those wishing to participate fully in the clubs activities, including running and building models, special visits and lectures. The benefits also include full access to the club facilities, public liability and accident insurance, boiler inspection and insurance, Trust newsletter.

Senior - 48.00

As ordinary membership for a person over 60 who is not in employment.

Junior - 20.00

As ordinary membership for a person under 18.

Family - 75.00

As ordinary membership for a maximum of four persons, two or three of whom are under 18 and residing at the same address, only one newsletter.

Friend - 25.00

If you are interested in supporting the Trusts activities in a less involved way Friend membership will give free unlimited train rides for the season (Usually from Easter to September), at any SMET PUBLIC running EVENT. Plus the opportunity to enjoy our private summer running days. *Friend membership covers 1 named adult and 2 children under the age of 16 years.

Full 10 - 550.00 Senior £450.00

As Full or Senior for a period of 10 years.

Life - 1000.00

As Full member for life.

Affiliated Club

Special rates may apply for clubs who wish their members to have access to the Trusts facilities. Please contact the Treasurer for details.