About Us

The Scottish Model Engineering Trust was formed in 2001, out of the Perth Society of Model and Experimental Engineers which started in 1935. Over the years the activities expanded to cover a wide range of disciplines. The original society was based in Perth at Cromwell Park, however like a lot of other clubs and societies around Britain they were told the lease would not be renewed as the park was being sold for housing development.

SMET was formed as a charity in 2001 and a piece of woodland purchased in rural Perthshire to develop a new club site. A thriving membership has ensured that site has been developed the way the members want without the threat of being moved on. Apart from the railway, the club has aquired new members who are very active with model steam road vehicles including traction engines and lorries.

We support younger members offering a wide range of engineering skill training in the large workshop. Where possible we undertake most of the work around the site with our volunteer workforce. This small band of members called ‘the usual crew’ undertake everything from gardening, bricklaying, building construction to track laying. Without their work in all weathers the site would not be as developed as it is now.

There is no pressure placed on members to help out on a regular basis as all work is voluntary. The crew meet up on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. The first Sunday in every month is reserved for members to ‘play with their trains’ and is very popular. In the summer, members gather for the Barbeque weekend when some members stay over on the Saturday night.

We are always looking for new members and we particulary welcome young potential engineers as they are the life blood of our hobby. If you are interested why not become a member – you won’t be disappointed.

The Scottish Model Engineering Trust is a registered charity number :- SC032308. The registered address is
5 Rhynd Road