WPR News

3 January 2016 New Year Steamup

Make a note in your diary for the annual New Year Steamup at Wester Pickston(weather permitting). Mince pies and soup and lots of steam in the cold air.

12 December 2015

Douglas and crew went to Drummond Castle near to Crieff with the portable track. They moved over 100 children, parents and grandparents through the grounds to visit Santa. Douglas drove a steam train followed by Bob Scales with his Clayton mining loco. Thanks to all those who volunteered to help.

8/9th August Barbeque Weekend

Make a note in your diary for the annual Barbeque weekend for club members and guests. Some members stay over on the Saturday night sleeping in camper vans and in the clubroom(bring your own camp bed). Guest loco's are coming to add to the numbers. Lets hope the weather is OK.

2 Aug 2015 Third Public Running Day

Sunday 2 Aug 2015 didn't look promising for the weather at Wester Pickston. However a record number of visitors to our third public running day with mixed steam and electric locomotives pulling trains all day. Two steam lorries were very busy all day giving rides through the woods down to Ducks End. Make a note in your diary for the last public day out on 13 September. See you then.

5 Apr 2015 First Public Running Day

Easter Sunday 5 Apr 2015 was a sunny day at Wester Pickston. Lots of visitors to the first public running day with mixed steam and electric locomotives pulling trains all day. As usual the children really enjoyed their day out. Make a note in your diary for the next public day out on 7 June. See you then.

4 Jan 2015 New Year Steam Up

Sunday 4 Jan 2015 was a cold and sunny day at Wester Pickston. A large turnout of members and visitors celebrated the first steam up of 2015. People had made long journeys to be at the site coming from as far as Carlisle, Inverness and the Isle of Skye. Driving the steam loco's presented a challenge as the steam condensed due to the cold and drivers couldn't see where they were going. Plenty of soup and mince pies kept everyone well fed. An enjoyable time was had by all.

23 Dec 2014 5 inch rail a success

Jerry and Trevor have both tried the new 5 inch track extension and have voted it a big success. Jerry drove his Britannia in the rain on Sunday and Trevor negotiated the track with his Sweet Pea on Tuesday. Neither driver had any problems.

18 Dec 2014 5 inch rail added

Work has finished adding the 5 inch rail into the extension which means that the ground level track is ready for 7 and 5 inch running. Weather permitting members will try out their 5 inch engines at the weekend.

Dec 2014 Web site Re-launch

The web site has had a makeover and generally tidied up. This News section is a new addition, bookmark the page to get all the latest going's on. We have also established a presence on Social Media with the launch of new Facebook and Twitter accounts. A few members are reluctant to join the twittering classes which we respect. So that they don't miss out on the latest developments there is a box on the left hand side of the screen showing tweets. Whenever a new public entry is made on Facebook a tweet will be sent to display in the box. Click the link supplied and you will be able to view the Facebook page. You will need a Facebook/Twitter account if you wish to join in any conversations. Our SMET Twitter account is @smet_wpr and Facebook is www.facebook.com/smet.wpr.

13 Dec 2014 Static Model Display

Members of SMET raised 124.88 in donations for Rachel House Hospice on Saturday 13 Dec 2014 when they staged a static exhibition of engines in the Tesco store on Crieff Road. Many people stopped and talked about the display and SMET. We were able to hand out many leaflets which hopefully will bring in new visitors to our open days next year. A big thank you to the manager and staff at Tesco's and to all the members who gave up their time to help. The Tesco manager is very willing to help us in the future so this event may not be our only visit to the store.