WPR Tracks

32mm (16mm Narrow Gauge)

Our smallest track is run by a group of members who specialise in modelling in 16mm scale. The track gauge is 32mm and is in a garden setting beside the pathway to the station. The track is not electrified as the members run gas fired steam models. The trains are either radio controlled or free running. The 16mm group have also built a portable indoor track which they show at local model railway exhibitions.

3 inch gauge

Set in the trees beside the workshop is a looped raised track which has combined 3 inch and 5 inch gauge rails. The rails have a conventional profile and are made from aluminium. Years ago 3 inch gauge was very popular and several members still have models in this scale. Sadly they don't appear very often.

5 inch gauge

We have two 5 inch gauge tracks one which is in the raised loop (see above) and the other which is combined with a 7 inch gauge rail and forms our main ground level track. The new track extension initially was only 7 inch gauge, however after pressure from members who also helped fund the purchase of new rails, a 5 inch rail has been added to the extended track. Due to the length of the new track loop, driving a 5 inch locomotive around the track presents a challenge. The main problem being water carrying capacity. Some of our members locomotives have small water tanks which may not hold enough water for one lap.

7 inch gauge

On public open days we run a number of trains all of which are 7 inch gauge. Locomotives of this gauge have the power to pull large numbers of passengers. Our members have steam and increasingly popular, electric locomotives. There are also diesel engine powered locomotives which use a hydrostatic drive to the wheels. All types of engine are capable of running for many hours whilst pulling trains of up to 12 passengers with ease. 7 inch locomotives are very large and very heavy which calls for ingenious solutions to transport a model ranging from trailers to vans.