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Almond Bridge

Control: DC Gauge: 16.5mm Location: UK Period: 1980s+ Scale: OO; 4mm:1ft Size: 34′ x 14′

Almond Bridge is a fictitious place situated somewhere in mainland Britain and is set in modern times covering the period from the 1980s to the current day scene. This time frame allows for the display of rolling stock from the British Rail Blue/Grey era to the ever changing liveries of the privatised railway companies which currently operate throughout the UK.

Whilst the town name is fictitious, the main track plan is loosely based on that at Stirling (circa 2003) and modellers licence has been liberally applied to add additional tracks, a loco refuelling/stabling point, permanent way and commercial freight sidings and platforms.

The track and point motors are standard PECO, the buildings are proprietary card and plastic kits modified to fit the scene. The nine arch viaduct was made by utilising and adapting three proprietary card single line viaduct kits glued onto a wood and ply frame. The girder bridge is built around a wood frame and pillars and using multiple plastic kits for the superstructure.

The storage yard baseboards have been built as a universal unit and can be used in a four, five or six board configuration depending on the requirement of the display layout. This eliminates the need to build separate storage yards for future display layouts which maybe shorter than Almond Bridge.