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PMRG layouts

PMRG have a large collection of layouts that we have built, are currently working on and even those which now been retired. Below is a list of our layouts with details about each if you click through to them.

Name Gauge Scale
Aldbury 16.5mm OO; 4mm:1ft
Almond Bridge 16.5mm OO; 4mm:1ft
Burlington Central 9mm N; 2mm:1ft
Calla Fountain Crossing 9mm N; 2mm:1ft
Coeur d’Alene 16.5mm 0n30; 1:48 (¼ inch:1ft)
Helmstadt (retired) 9mm N; 2mm:1ft
Laurencekirk 16.5mm OO; 4mm:1ft
San Andreas Beach 32mm O; 1:48 (¼ inch:1ft)
Whyte Hills Pass 9mm N; 2mm:1ft
Wörthersee 9mm N, 2mm:1ft