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Whyte Hills Pass

Control: DC, DCC Gauge: 9mm Location: USA, West Scale: N; 2mm:1ft Size: 9ft x 3ft 4in

This N scale North American themed layout was built as a replacement for a dismantled HO scale layout situated in a loft. The size of the layout is 9 feet by 3 feet 4 inches (approximately 2.75m by 1m) and was determined by the space available in a spare room. The double track design is an out and back continuous circuit to simply “Watch the trains go by”. The storage yard contains sxi loops, which allow for three trains in each direction.

The layout was never design for exhibition running but over the years, since it was completed in 200, it has appeared at a number of shows, the first being at Falkirk in November 2009.

The track and points are Peco code 80 and the point motors also from Peco are controlled via toggle switches. Control is DC via Gaugemaster controllers, but it can be switched to DCC.

All the structures are kit built and the scenery was built up using spare insulation board, plaster bandage and various Woodland Scenies scatter materials.

Rolling stock is a mixture mainly from Kato, Atlas, Athearn and Intermountain.