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Helmstadt (retired)

Control: DC Gauge: 9mm Location: Germany Period: 1950+ Scale: N; 2mm:1ft Size: 14′ x 8′ (inc. barriers) Retired

Helmstadt is an imaginary cathedral city near Munich, Bavaria. Set during the 1950’s (Epoch III) the model depicts DB Deutsche Bundesbahn of West Germany but trains of the DRG – Deutsche Reichsbahn Gesellschaft from Epoch II are also in evidence. During this period, Germany was a divided country, split in 1945 into East and West and some lines which had previously crossed the border were closed or truncated but the line via Helmstadt continued to operate as a cross border link.

Helmstadt serves as a busy intermediate station for trains spiralling in all directions, to the North for Leipzig, Dresden and Prague, to the East for Munich, Vienna and Budapest, to the South for Switzerland and the Austrian Tyrol and the West for Stuttgart, Frankfurt and the Rhine Valley. Passenger traffic makes up the majority of the trains and you will see The Rhinegold Express, The Mitropa and a selection of ordinary passenger stock. Freight trains also play an important part of the scene and a variety of locomotives can be rostered to haul freight throughout Europe.

Although Helmstadt is a busy station, it does not have any locomotive sheds or freight facilities as these are located at the junction stations which are both to the east and west of the town.

This layout has now been retired from use by PMRG and sold to a private operator. The information shown here is for historical reference only.


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